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Manic's New Website + Album

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

Building the Manic Website

We set out to create an immersive digital experience that resonates with the band's energy. Enter their iconic blue, minimalistic, and interactive app-inspired website — a bespoke platform meticulously crafted for their unique identity.

Built from scratch using Editor X, the website is a texture-forward masterpiece that goes beyond aesthetics, prioritizing functionality for an optimal user experience. We seamlessly integrated Songkick, ensuring fans have real-time access to tour dates and updates. The custom splash page adds a personal touch, welcoming visitors with a unique entry point into Manic's world—an experience that begins the moment they land on the site.

Adding a whimsical touch to the digital landscape, we introduced transparent butterfly animations that gracefully flutter around every page. Each butterfly, meticulously animated by us, serves as a social touchpoint, drawing you into the elements it is so casually highlighting.; it's an interactive journey guided by these flying companions.

Who Is Manic?

Comprised of Nicholas Baños (lead vocal), Matthew Vero (keyboard) and Jacob Saint Patrick (bass), the unhinged, eccentric, theatrical rock band has created their own blend of synth-infused alternative sound, featuring combined elements of grunge, shoegaze, hyperpop, post/noise rock, and jazz. Whether it is during Nicholas Baños’s early solo days in Denver or the band’s current days in Nashville, Manic. is grounded by themes of self-growth and healing, spiritualism, and a dedication to being tomorrow’s band. Their theatrical performances, capable of punching a slumbering crowd awake with a kind of psychic energy, have successfully launched Manic. into one of the most promising underground acts in Music City USA.

Manic.’s debut single “Gone,” coproduced by Kris Crummet & Kellin Quinn (Sleeping With Sirens), premiered on Alternative Press in 2019 and has garnered over 1 million listens on Spotify. In 2020, they released their first self produced concept EP, The Butterfly Effect, featuring “Nothing With You,” the much loved collaboration with Maggie Miles—Manic.’s long time mutual creative muse, fellow cofounder of the community-oriented, innovative artist collective/label, Nothingless. Their double single “It Starts With This;” has garnered support on Spotify’s “Rock Your Block” and “All New Rock” playlists, as well as the Apple Music playlists “Breaking Rock” and “New In Rock.”

Since January, in an effort to create splashes for the upcoming concept album, set to release May 2023, the boys of Manic. have been non-stop creating. A 17 song double album, crafted by “the boys” as a mixtape of trials and mistakes, The Butterfly Effect (The Bedhead Cut) spans a formative era of the band, through pivotal songs written with various collaborators, and a few that reflect all three of the members' creative influences.

No one defines Manic. better than lead singer Nicholas Baños: “We hope to be the band that defines the 20’s and 30’s, the prodigal middle kids, stuck between the death of the analog era and the rising digital wave. We’re an invitation to our fans to be themselves unapologetically, to rise above, and be.” Today’s Manic. is a collage of foundational and defining moments from the years of becoming, moments of growing from pain and departures, the manic ones and the sobering, ever so tender ones. Like the lotus symbol of the band’s logo, in hopes to flourish through the soot but not imbrued, Manic. strives to make sounds that combat monotony, oppressive systems through freedom of expression & love. If you need a place... Manic. is here to be us loudly till it inspires other people to be themselves.

New Album "The Butterfly Effect"

Manic's new album "The Butterfly Effect (The Bedhead Cut) is available everywhere now! This 17 song album was released in 2023.

The Butterfly Effect (The Bedhead Cut)
The Butterfly Effect (The Bedhead Cut)

Related Collaborations

Frontman Nicholas Banos is the co-founder of Nothingless Underground a collective of independent Musicians, Producers, Multi-Media Artists, and Designers founded by Nicholas Banos, Maggie Miles, Jacob Saint Patrick.

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