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MyMy Music App + Creative Direction

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

Our Role With MyMy Music

Working as the creative director and lead content creator from 2018 to 2021, our journey with MyMy Music has been true to the transformative power of music in the digital era. Working directly with music industry veteran JoJo Brim, working on a mission to redefine music discovery through the lens of creativity, collaboration, and community.

App UI Design: Crafting an Intuitive Experience

At the heart of MyMy Music's innovation is its app interface, meticulously designed to offer users an intuitive and immersive musical experience. My role as a creative director involved shaping the visual identity of the app, ensuring that every element harmonized seamlessly to create a platform where music discovery feels both effortless and enchanting.

Social Media Content: Amplifying Artist Stories

A key aspect of our strategy at MyMy Music was to not just offer a streaming platform but to create a vibrant community. Weekly social media content became a vital tool in amplifying the stories of emerging artists, providing a stage where their voices could resonate beyond the app. From artist spotlights to behind-the-scenes glimpses, our content aimed to bring a sense of connection and celebration within the MyMy Music community.

MyMy Music's commitment to empowering emerging artists show with our monthly remix features—a celebration of collaboration, these features not only showcased the talent within the MyMy Music community but also became a dynamic avenue for artists to connect, remix, and reimagine each other's work, creating a symphony of creativity. Collaborating with Shade45, BET, and other industry taste-makers, I had the privilege of editing interviews that provided MyMy Music users with a unique window into the broader music industry.

What Is MyMy Music?

MyMy Music is a streaming music app founded with the goal of helping emerging artists gain exposure. The app is focused on “music discovery” by allowing any independent artist to easily share their music and be judged by their peers. The company embraces crowd opinion as part of the listening process through a patent-pending algorithm that enables a random blind-judging process to ensure there is no bias on artist demographics or affiliations yielding outcomes from judging that can’t be gamed. Tracks are scored by judges and promoted or failed based on the crowd’s opinion.

The tool is designed to help A&R reps at record labels use the app’s tech to efficiently identify emerging talent, and then gauge audience opinion from the app’s growing user base. Label execs get listener stats, audience locations and demographics in less than a week.

“Music production is a competitive business and record labels are constantly looking to get a jump on the field by signing qualified, commercially viable artists that meet consumer preferences,” said JoJo Brim, head of Hip Hop and R&B for MyMy Music.

He added, “In recent years, A&R scouts have tapped the internet to find product, for sure. However, sorting through millions of tracks on social media or attending shows is extremely inefficient, and often influenced by an artist’s social media reach rather than his or her sound.”

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