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Andy Grammar "Love Is The New Money" Promotional Content

In the ever-evolving landscape of the music industry, staying connected with fans is essential. Creative social media content has become the heartbeat of an artist's online presence, and it's no different for Andy Grammar.

Working alongside Andy and his team we created short form and promotional content for various tracks on his upcoming album including "Love Is The New Money". Using Rotoscoping, a technique that involves tracing over existing footage to create a new visual experience, added a unique touch to our mini lyric videos. It allowed us to extract Andy's vibrant energy and persona and bring it to life in the promotional animations. His movements and expressions became the foundation upon which we built engaging visuals, enhancing the connection between the audience and the artist. Vertical videos are captivating, and they thrive on platforms like Instagram and TikTok. They were tailor-made for the short attention spans of modern audiences. Thus, we embarked on the creation of dynamic lyric videos in vertical format. These lyric videos were visually striking, with lyrics that danced across the screen in harmony with Andy's music. The synergy between lyrics and melody made for an engaging visual and auditory experience, unlike your typical "Tik Tok".

Music, after all, is about connecting with people, and we've made it our mission to help Andy Grammer strengthen those connections, one engaging piece of content at a time. We set out to create something unique every time we begin working.

"I got into music from a very young age, without even really knowing it just because my dad and my mom wrote songs together," Grammer said. "My dad is a Grammy-nominated children's singer. And so around the dinner table, they'd be talking about, like, the hook and 'is this bridge working' and 'how are you using words' and 'how are they fitting together' and 'how are they actually impacting people?'"

Growing up with that foundation molded Grammer into the artist that fans all know and love for his energizing, uplifting, and honest pop albums.

"I've spent my career trying to make music that is uplifting and positive and grounded in reality. And a lot of times the way that actually works is when it's grounded in pain," he said. "One of my first singles that went pretty big was a song called 'Keep Your Head Up,' and on its surface, 'Keep Your Head Up' could go cheesy, but I wrote it because my mom had just died. And I was trying to figure my life out."

Through his evolution as a songwriter and producer, Grammer discovered his love for poetry, which he drew from people who inspired him while growing up.

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