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Miguel Launches "Schedule One Concepts"

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

Our Creative Collaboration

S1C is the brainchild of Grammy award-winning artist Miguel, we embarked on an extraordinary journey over the past year dedicating ourselves to the meticulous development of the groundbreaking "S1C Blade" Membership NFT and Web3 rollout. Working closely alongside Miguel, we gave life to an innovative and interactive 3D model NFT – the S1C Membership NFT. This digital token serves as your golden key to unlock the full spectrum of Schedule One Concepts experiences, granting you exclusive access to our world. From artist grants and clothing drops to mesmerizing art releases and captivating IRL/URL events, the S1C Membership NFT is your passport to a realm of creativity and connection. Our mission is to unite artists and the dedicated supporters who fuel their passion, fostering a thriving community that celebrates the spirit of artistry. Join us as we redefine the boundaries of creativity and collaboration.

A Community Of Cross-Discipline Artists & Builders

The Definition of a true 'artist's artist,' who is consistently collaborating and pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the arts, fashion and technology launches. Since joining T3MP0, Miguel has helped us evolve from a nascent idea into a world-class team and technology platform. We believe strongly that specialized, community-focused studios like ours, are critical pieces of the web3 ecosystem, providing a consistent flow of innovative content & experiences to the top digital marketplaces, platforms and metaverses.

Promotional Materials

we took a delightful detour into the nostalgic realm of early 2000's video games. Inspired by the pixelated adventures and captivating narratives of that era, we embarked on a mission to infuse that magic into our promotional content for the entire rollout. Our vision Is to inspire progressive creativity through lifestyle offerings, arts, and experiences that appeal to fire-starters. We are building An ecosystem of tangible products, art and experiences, with, and, for, our community, that push the boundaries and disrupt business and consumer culture.

What Is Schedule One Concepts?

A S1C membership gives you preferred access to future S1C drops, S1C IRL & URL events & experiences, and the S1C community.

We don't make things that merely continue to last or exist. we make things that continue to LIVE. This means we build our product physically AND digitally via the blockchain protocol. How? We use digital mediums (like NFTs) to validate demand & preference, producing only what we absolutely know will be used. Exclusivity out of necessity. Purposeful exclusivity.

Our events happen IRL & URL, and are diverse in focus. We started with small kickbacks in Los Angeles, where our friends could hand and exchange ideas. We bring our community together often for events that feature our products, our friends, and other shit we like.

“From a very early age I was taught to stand apart with purpose and conviction, and both exist in everything I create. I’m driven to overcome the limitations placed on people like me: the displaced, misunderstood and underestimated."

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