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Chris Bullinger "True Rendition" (Official Videos)

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

Filming at "Welcome to 1979"

Singer/songwriter Chris Bullinger has released his debut single, “I’m Free” from his forthcoming album, True Rendition. This captivating video series was a collaborative effort co-directed by the talented Kylie Rebecca. Over the course of two days, this creative journey that brought us to the iconic "Welcome to 1979" Studios. In this vintage-inspired setting, we captured the magic of live acoustic performances that would soon become the soul of the series. What made this project even more special was the innovative use of the B-roll footage from these studio sessions to craft an official lyric video for the first single, "I'm Free." providing fans with a visual and lyrical experience. Kylie Rebecca's direction and the creative synergy of the team ensured that this live performance video series and its accompanying official lyric videos were nothing short of enchanting.

Singer/songwriter Chris Bullinger has released his debut single, “I’m Free” from his forthcoming album, True Rendition.


What Is "I'm Free" About?

“I’m Free” is about personal and collective freedom. “There’s nothing free about freedom. At least that’s the way I see it. You’ve got to work for it: physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually,” Chris explains. “Most of the songs on this album observe that struggle. Shoot, one of ‘em flat-out asks, ‘Are you free in your freedom?’ This song answers pretty emphatically: Yeah, I’m free! And you can’t take that away from me.” Raised in the Midwest, Chris now spends his time in Nashville and Asheville. He began writing poetry at a young age, writing more than a thousand poems and over a hundred songs.

Chris is a champion of the underdog. He’s been known to bring strays home, and he’s been known to wander. He sees the beauty and pain in existence, and every now and then he’s fortunate enough to put a tune to it.

The New Album: True Rendition

True Rendition is an album packed with themes and emotions that emerge like a musical kaleidoscope. Through one listen, notions of freedom and revelry rear their heads, and the next it’s longing and grit. Recorded at the Bomb Shelter in Nashville, and co-produced by Josh Halper and Harrison Luna, the music sprang to life around a firepit in the backyard. Drinking, smoking and playing guitar. The firehangs, as they called the sessions, is where the songs began to take on the sound they eventually recorded in the studio

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