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Em Sloane "Colors Through Me" (Official Video)

Inspired by the chakras, "Colors Through Me" celebrates the abundance that emerges from living in your truth. When your heart, throat, and crown chakras are open, you are able to speak up for yourself, connect with others, tap into your own creativity, and trust in divine timing.

Colors Through Me is the first single off of my upcoming album, Divine Eminence. It came into being at the legendary Royal Studios in Memphis where I worked with renowned GRAMMY winning producer/engineer "Boo" Mitchell, and producer Uriah Mitchell.

It was only fitting for Colors Through Me to have a lyric video as colorful as the song. Butterflies throughout symbolize the metamorphosis of growth and feeling comfortable in your own skin.

Sloane’s creative emancipation began with an online connection to Scottish producer Gregor Stobie, with whom she began crafting some of the songs that would eventually appear on Divine Eminence. “I was like a bird out of a cage!” she enthused. “Finally able to express everything I wanted to get out.”

Her music flourished further when Em Sloane started collaborating with Grammy-winning producer/engineer Boo Mitchell (Bruno Mars, Silk Sonic, John Mayer, Rod Stewart) and his producer son Uriah. Working at the family’s legendary Royal Studios in Memphis, where Al Green and the Memphis Soul sound were reborn, the trio shaped the sound that became Divine Eminence.

Em Sloane’s new sound incorporates her rock roots – Grace Slick, The Eagles and ABBA – into a pop-rock-soul mélange that brings the emotive melodies and delivery of the 1950s–1980s firmly into the here-and-now through cultured production and an eclectic array of influences including Motown, Michael Jackson, Don Henley, Stevie Nicks, and Billy Joel. In contrast to her debut

This retro-inspired visual came together over the course of a few weeks, collaborating with Em on this was a truly magical experience, I always love when an artist has a specific vision for a project that they entrust us to carry out.

Watch the official lyric video for "Colors Through me" by Em Sloane on Youtube now!

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