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Hunter Thomas Mounce (Official Videos)

Collaborating with Hunter on official videos for every song on the album allowed us to blend our unique visions and artistic styles. Together, we brought the essence of each track to life through compelling visuals, creating a cohesive visual narrative that enhanced the album's impact.

When an artist finishes recording an album, it’s almost second nature to feel the urge to release it out into the world right away. That’s what makes the strategy Hunter Thomas Mounce took for the release of his sophomore album, Right Where We Left Off, so impressive. Instead of throwing all 12 of the album’s tracks at his fans at once, Mounce played the long game, releasing most of the album’s songs as singles over the past three years, allowing each to have their moment and to receive the love they deserve. That’s not to say the album’s release is solely rehashed material, as the album’s lead track, “Bronco,” serves as a new offering that strikes country-rocking gold with its thumping backbeat and rocking guitars as fiddle and steel guitar weave their way through the song.

Here is something special about hearing a new artist for the first time. Before hitting play, you have no idea what to expect and you hang on to that first note. Sometimes that first note bores you, while sometimes it draws you in. On very few occasions does that first note captivate you in the way that Hunter Mounce did for me. In a culture where sounds are often imitated, it was beyond refreshing to hear a voice as original and authentic as Mounce.

A Missouri native, Mounce is a little bit of a late bloomer in terms of music. After graduating from the fire academy in 2012, Mounce found himself without an opportunity to join a department in the next year. The next step for Mounce was community college in Springfield, MO where it was not until then that he first picked up a guitar and started teaching himself the basics. After moving back home in 2014, Mounce made the decision to pursue his music career. Mounce formed a band called Barbwire Revolt and jumped right into the Kansas City music circuit. In 2016, Mounce’s life changed when he accepted a job at a Tennessee fire department and settled in Nashville. Mounce hit the ground running during his first few years in town. He has teamed up with #1 song producer, Kenny Royster and will be releasing his debut album, “Folks Like Me and You”, on March 15th. Lets get into some of the songs.

Hunter grew up small-town and hardworking in Pleasant Hill, Missouri. Originally setting out to become a career firefighter, he found a love for guitar and songwriting along the way. This took Hunter on a path to Nashville, TN where he is working simultaneously as a professional singer-songwriter and career firefighter.

Since arriving in Nashville, Hunter has immersed himself into the Music City songwriter scene. Collaborating with multiple talented artists and songwriters has brought both depth & width to his writing. His short time in Nashville has seen the debut album release of Folks Like Me and You, as well as multiple singles.

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