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Jenn Bostic "Take My Hand" (Official Video)

The song "Take My Hand" by Jenn Bostic is a spiritual and inspiring piece about surrendering oneself to a higher power and following the path that has been set for them. The first verse addresses the singer's doubts and fears, but she acknowledges that she is being called to use her talents for a greater purpose. She wants the listener to know that they too can trust in this higher calling, and that by taking the hand of this force, they will be led towards the unknown future with strength and hope.

The second verse emphasizes the importance of being bold and following the wisdom found in the written word, which she believes will give her the strength she needs to fulfill her destiny. The chorus repeats the idea of surrendering to this force, allowing it to lead and to whisper guidance to the soul. The bridge reinforces this message of hope, anticipating that something good is coming in the future as long as she remains steadfast in her faith.

Overall, the song is an invitation to embrace the journey of life with faith and courage and to trust that there is a higher purpose to our lives. By relinquishing control and taking the hand of a greater force, we can move forward with hope and confidence, regardless of the challenges before us.

Jenn Bostic is a soulful singer/songwriter with a hint of pop, blues and gospel. Her emotive songwriting and powerful vocals have been touching hearts around the world. Her hit song “Jealous of the Angels,” written for her late father, has over 50 million collective streams on YouTube, has gone #1 on various iTunes charts by various artists in the United Kingdom and Ireland. The song was covered by the US Army Band, has been played on Sirius XMs The Pulse and other mainstream ACs reaching that format's Top 40, and the Positive Country and Southern Gospel Charts Top 10.

Performing at sold out tours across the United States and Europe, including performances on the stages of The Grand Ole Opry, The Ryman Auditorium, and Lincoln Center, as well as BBC Breakfast Television, BBC Songs of Praise, Daystar, and TBN US and UK. As an independent, Bostic was the first international artist to have her first three singles playlisted on BBC Radio 2. She was twice named “International Touring Artist of the Year,” by the British Country Music Association (2017/2018).

In 2012 Jenn Bostic received 5 Independent Country Music Association Awards including, “Best Songwriter,” “Best Musician,” and “Overall Winner.”

Her latest album, “You Find a Way,” created with Grammy nominated producer and hit songwriter, Lauren Christy, released July 2022, and was named “Album of the Year” at the 2022 Louder than the Music Awards.

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