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Kyle Davis "Old Habits" (Official Video)

Kyle Davis offers listeners a timeless invitation to his new album “Make It Count” with incredible songs like "Old Habits". Realizing that music can be a vehicle for change, Kyle reflects on the fleeting moments of the past, knowing that all future minutes should truly be cherished. “Everyone has their own story with their own creases and we have two choices,” Davis observes, “we can look the other way or we can make things better.” he says.

Davis wrote all ten tracks, each a rumination of the many decisions we face in life and why we choose what we choose. We can’t learn from mistakes that we haven’t made yet, and this album is a reflection of the frustration but also appreciation surrounding that very notion. The full length album is deeply-moving – tracks spanning from heartache to determination, radiance as well as wistful repose deliver a little something for everyone.

Produced by Scott Lane and Stewart Myers, Make It Count features Daniel Clark on organ, piano, and whirly, Charles Authur on mandolin, pedal and steel, Carter Gravatt [Carbon Leaf] on mandolin, acoustic, pedal steel, Mike Durham and Scott Lane playing electric guitars, as well as drummers, John O’Reilly and Pinson Chanselle, and Stewart Myers and Scott Lane on bass, as well as backing vocalists Kenneka Cook and Scott Lane.

Kyle’s music has received attention from Sony Records and Phil Ramone via Don Dixon, four stars from Rolling Stone and a cover feature in Billboard Magazine calling him “one of the best unsigned artists.” In addition, Davis has shared the stage with the likes of Bob Dylan, John Mayer, Shawn Colvin, The Wallflowers and Sheryl Crow. “Make It Count” is several years in the making, and boy how the industry has changed.

“The industry’s changed considerably,” he muses. “For that matter, we live in a different world as well. But the one thing that remains the same is my desire to share meaning through my music through what these songs have to say and hopefully find that common bond that connects us all.”

Follow Kyle Davis on Facebook and watch the “Old Habits” official lyric video now!

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