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MaRynn Taylor "Lies Of My Fears" Official Lyric Video

MaRynn Taylor already has some amazing and powerful songs out there for the world to hear. But, her brand new single, “Lies of My Fears”, which released on June 11, 2021, brings ‘powerful’ to an even bigger level. You don’t have to wait very long before the chorus gives you goosebumps. Co-directed by Kylie Rebecca, the accompanying official lyric video was shot on a picturesque farm amidst beautiful wildflowers, adding a visual dimension to the song's empowering message. MaRynn Taylor's "Lies of My Fears" reaffirms her as a strong, self-assured artist who refuses to let self-doubt dictate the course of her life. This track resonates with anyone who has ever grappled with their own fears and insecurities, offering a stirring reminder to believe in one's self-worth.

“Might learn the hard way / Cry a few tears, But I ain’t gonna listen to the/ lies of my fears.”

Not just in these few lines, but throughout the entire song, MaRynn sings about a very important concept to her, self-love and self-worth.

The country music singer confesses some of the lies she has told herself: “The lies of my fears say I’m too young. Won’t ever be nothing but a small-town girl…Too skinny, too fat, too this or too that…”

She wants people to know that “The next time you hear that voice inside your head, sewing doubt into your thoughts, think to yourself, ‘I ain’t gonna listen to the lies of my fears.’”

Undoubtedly, MaRynn Taylor has made her mark on the country music world, and a song like “Lies of My Fears” will definitely help. Marynn established herself as a powerful woman, but her latest single shows that she does not let self-doubt control her life.

“As an artist and human being, I want my music to inspire and be relatable,” says MaRynn. “Growing up with idols like Carrie and Taylor, I could relate to them. It was as if I could feel their heartaches in the music and as if the stories in their songs reflected mine. Today, that’s what I want to give to my fans.”

She eventually moved to Nashville, where a chance encounter at the 2019 CMA Music Festival gave her the break she needed—an impromptu performance after Black River Entertainment’s 60 Second Spotlight event had already closed for the day. MaRynn says she spent the next few months in “music summer camp,” learning about songwriting and recording music for the first time in a professional recording studio.

Watch the official lyric video for "Lies Of My Fears" by MaRynn Taylor on Youtube now!

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