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Reyna Roberts "Raised Right" (Official Video)

Reyna Roberts is a study in contrasts in her assertive new song “Raised Right.” The Alabama native released the country-rock anthem on Friday and it follows her 2020 single “Stompin’ Grounds.”

Built around a handclap rhythm and swampy guitar lick, “Raised Right” has Roberts outlining some fundamentals of her upbringing. “At your worst, be on your best/Do unto others like the good lord says,” she sings, waiting a beat before she adds, “Unless you cross me or my girlfriends.”

Roberts plays up those dual sides of her personality throughout the song, which she wrote with Danny Myrick and Kylie Sackley. She’s “a little bit of whiskey in my sweet tea” and “a little hell yeah in my hallelujah,” she sings, hinting at a wild side she can access when the timing is right. “Raised Right” is also an impressive showcase for Roberts as a vocalist, belting powerfully in the chorus and demonstrating an expansive upper register before the final chorus.

“We all have different sides of ourselves,” Roberts said in a statement. ”I know my inner self is a little more wild, and that’s the Reyna you see onstage. The Reyna my family and friends know is the one that was ‘Raised Right.

An American country singer-songwriter and pianist. She is known for her July 2020 debut single, "Stompin' Grounds" as well as multiple appearances on NFL's Monday Night Football.

In "Raised Right," Reyna Roberts navigates a duality that resonates with many. She's "a little bit of whiskey in my sweet tea" and "a little hell yeah in my hallelujah," hinting at a wild side that surfaces when the time is right. The song not only showcases her vocal prowess but also underscores her ability to explore a wide range of emotions. As she belts powerfully in the chorus and reaches an expansive upper register before the final chorus, it becomes evident that she's a versatile artist who's unafraid to express her truth through her music.

One of the few visible Black women in country music, Roberts is known for advocating for "acknowledging the past" of country music, which includes acknowledging Black artist mentors such as Lesley Riddle, and learning the history of the banjo and the term "Music City" for Nashville.

Watch the official lyric video for "Raised Right" by Reyna Roberts now!

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