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Sam Tinnesz "Head Like a Hole" (Official Video)

Sam Tinnesz is based in Nashville, Tennessee and signed through Warner Music Group’s ADA. Tinnesz's songs have been streamed over 100 million times. His Spotify reach each month is over 2.1 million listeners.

Originally from Atlanta, Ga but has lived in Nashville for 15 years. He found Christianity through music while he was in college at Belmont University. He played gigs with a band named Mike’s Chair – that wrote, produced, and performed their own Contemporary Christian music. He signed his first record deal with the band with Curb Records before they graduated college. He wound up moonlighting just to keep his head above water even though they were signed artists touring for over 8 years while in and out of college.

What turned him around? In his mid 20’s he decided to leave the road and start writing exclusively. He was working mainly on Christian music but began diving into pop and alternative rock music. After accepting that perhaps God was leading him to this point, Sam began writing with people on both sides of this aisle.

He was introduced to Maggie Eckford who liked his work and in turn introduced him to the TV and Film world of music. He went on to later to be an integral part of the team that developed the artist Ruelle – from Maggie Eckford’s darker imaginings. In 2018 she was Billboard’s number 1 most synced artist. Also, in 2018, he hit big with “Legends Are Made”. Since then, he’s continued to write, publish, and make music, even during the pandemic.

He released a combo set of EPs in 2020 – White Doves + Warplanes

Moving from his normal style of music, Sam released “Wild Blood” featuring Pep Squad in April of 2021.

Then right at the end of the month, he dropped “World Gone Wild” featuring UNSECRET. This one has more of that epic sound I’ve come to expect from Sam. He’s continued to release more and more music and to hear and see videos for that, check out his YouTube channel, links are below!

Sam recently released a highly anticipated album, White Doves + Warplanes (Deluxe) with the support of Warner Music Group’s ADA. White Doves is actually an album to itself, even though both were intended to be one album, one a continuation of the other. Warplanesalbum is actually very dark (emotionally speaking) while White Doves has music with a more positive vibe. If you want to check those playlists out before buying – WHITE DOVES + WARPLANES

Like I said before, he’s been releasing video after video this year, so use the links below to find them on YouTube or your favorite streaming or purchasing service.

Watch the official video for "Head Like A Hole" by Sam Tinnesz now!

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