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V Records: Dare To Be Different

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

V Records Logo

Creative Direction for New York Based Record Label

Collaborating alongside music industry veteran JoJo Brim, conceptualizing release materials for a diverse roster, including Niko Brim, Lil Crush, MJ Songstress, Julian King, and many more, to crafting compelling content for the company's social media profiles, our mission has been to elevate the narrative of each artist and the label as a whole.

As the creative director, Wyatt Scott Kassin played a pivotal role in conceptualizing and executing visuals that not only complement the music but also serve as a visual narrative, offering listeners a glimpse into the essence of each artist's work.

Beyond individual releases, the role extended to curating content for V Records' social media profiles. From artist highlights to behind-the-scenes glimpses, the goal was to create a dynamic digital presence that resonates with the label's audience, fostering a sense of community and anticipation for upcoming releases.

Project Highlight: Niko Brim "Power Hour" Activation

Niko Brim's Power Hour, a cultural movement that invites individuals to reflect, learn, and engage in meaningful conversations. This initiative, coupled with V Records' support, exemplifies the label's commitment to fostering not just musical talent but also contributing to important cultural dialogues.

Power hour shoe

Sotheby's did an auction in collaboration with Niko and Opal Lee — an event that bridged the boundaries of music into the realms of art and social impact. This collaboration emphasized the label's commitment to being a cultural force beyond the confines of the music industry.

JoJo Brim On V Records

"I started in the industry way back in the day during the Mount Vernon Uptown movement in the late 80s and 90s – working with Al B. Sure! under the late-legend Andre Harell. From there, I actually started rapping myself, and got signed to Warner as part of a group called F.S. Effect. After we essentially flopped, I moved away from the mic and into producing – where I quickly found myself acting as an A&R. – before venturing out on our own to form KWL with two rising artists at the time, Estelle and Trey Songz. After helping to bring on artists like Big Sean, Ty Dolla Sign, Nelly, K Michele at KWL, I went to help relaunch Laface Records with L.A. Reid in 2014 – and later Arista Records with David Massey.

Around this time is when I started to form my consulting company, which focused on tech startups working in music and entertainment. Through this, I got more involved in the tech space and using my music industry knowledge to help grow these companies – which landed me a consulting gig with ADX Labs in Minneapolis.

After working together for a bit the founder, Steve Renner, would end up bringing me on as the CEO – at which point I restructured the company and created Virtual Media Ent (VME), a venture-backed tech-based entertainment company with multiple functions including recording, publishing, and artist management, a hardware line of high-end speakers and studio equipment, as well as multiple apps in development. Not to mention V-Records, the record label component of VME, whose roster includes MJ Songstress and my son, Niko.

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