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Working With Total Assault

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

Total Assault

Our Creative Collaboration

In collaboration with the Nashville and LA divisions of Total Assault Marketing, my role as a creative consultant has was defined by the challenge of elevating the marketing efforts for part of their roster including Jackson Michelson, Macy Gray, OBB, Three Finger Jack, and 1924.

The heart of modern marketing lies in the realm of social media, and my role involves spearheading impactful campaigns for each brand, designed to encourage meaningful connections with their audience.

Three Finger Jack

Three Finger Jack was a notorious desperado who roamed the Sierras and the land east of Sacramento in the closing days of the Old West. Nobody knows where he came from, how he lost two fingers, or where he died. But his legend still lives on today in Lodi, California. The gold in California’s hills may be mostly gone, but Three Finger Jack’s immensely structured wines carry the legend of Jack’s relentless quest for treasure.


Jackson Michelson

Jackson Michelson kicked off his country career on the West Coast, carving out a sound that blended the rootsy twang of the American South with the sunny, feel-good spirit of the Pacific Coast. Nashville

Now, with a record deal under his belt, Michelson is prepping for the next phase of his career. There are new shows to play, new songs to be written and new opportunities to explore.

Who Is Total Assault?

Our focus is on helping brands effectively engage with Millennials across the fast moving social digital landscape. Our approach uses insights, best practices, data, and creativity to deliver contextually relatable content that achieves engagement and ultimately sales. We started the business 20 years ago as kids, talking to kids. Before millennial was even a thing. And grew up in the ultra-competitive Music & Entertainment industry. Today, we work with some of the most influential brands in the world. But we’re still what we’ve always been…passionate, hungry digital & social marketers with a special skill for turning millennial prospects into customers. We get it, because we live it.

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